The Hands Project


This project began in 2007 when I was taking photos at the casting of a memorial in a bronze casting studio. As I was taking close up shots of the workers hands, I realized that even though they were wearing heavy gloves, their hands were still very expressive. So every project I did after that I made sure that I got at least some pictures of hands at work. I mentioned to friends that I was getting a large collection of related images and they suggested that I specifically create a body of work, Hands At Work.


Summer Art Camp: Two artist friends started this camp to introduce kids not only to art but also to the joys of the natural world. The kids obviously enjoy it and learn that there is far more to the world than what is on a monitor screen.


Second Wind Band: A wonderful group of Senior Citizens who give band concerts around the area. A practice session was a wonderful thing to see. And photograph. And listen to.


A Dental Laboratory: This is where dentures are made. For those who loose their teeth by disease or accident, their dentures are fabricated with great care and skill.


Veterinary Surgery: The skill of the surgeons coupled with the compassion and professionalism of the staff made for a memorable and heartening experience.


A Microbiology Laboratory: This lab is trying to find a cure for Lupus, among other diseases. It requires amazing attention to myriad details from huge amounts of information.


A Restaurant: A local restaurant allowed me to photograph the preparation of lunch. I found another reason to appreciate good food, it is hard work and takes a lot of skill to cook well.


Artists, A Show of Hands: I spent several weeks photographing the hands of artists as they worked. I not only learned a lot about various art disciplines, I gained an even greater appreciation for art and how much effort it takes to produce it. An exhibition was given of the hand photographs along with the work that the artist was creating when the photo was taken.


Bronze Craft Foundry: Casting bronze is both an art and a skill. It takes a great amount of both to create something of lasting value. Hot, heavy, dirty and dangerous combine to make a truly lasting beauty. 


If you have any questions or comments I would appreciate hearing from you.  Thank you.            


Murray Whitehill

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